Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Lyle Lovett at the Movies

The most recent issue of Texas Music has a series of articles about Texas musicians in film. Headlining of course is Willie Nelson, but Lyle gets a pretty sweet article as well. There is no compilation there of his work. Soooo, since i keep track, here's a list of Lyle's work on film (if anyone knows of things i missed, please fill me in):

Bill: On His Own (Page, 1983) -- as singer on the beach
Farm Aid '87 (1987) -- as himself
Always (Spielberg, 1989) -- soundtrack Cowboy Man
Major League (Ward, 1989) -- soundtrack Cryin' Shame
South of Wawa (Boyd, 1991) -- consultant
The Player (Altman, 1992) -- as Detective DeLongpre
Leap of Faith (Pearce, 1992) -- soundtrack Pass Me Not
The Crying Game (Jordan, 1992) -- soundtrack Stand By Your Man
Mad About You (Jacobson, Reiser, et al., 1992-1999)-- soundtrack Nobody Knows Me
Short Cuts (Altman, 1993) -- as Andy Bitkower
The Wild West (Merill, 1993) -- set?
Luck, Trust and Ketchup (Dorr & Kaplan, 1993) -- as himself
Willie Nelson: The Big 6-0 (1993) -- as himself
The Firm (Pollack, 1993) -- soundtrack M-O-N-E-Y
Pret a Porter (Altman, 1994) -- as Clint Lammaraux
Quiz Show (Redford, 1994) -- soundtrack Moritat/Mack the Knife
It Could Happen to You (Bergmann, 1994) -- soundtrack She's No Lady
With Honors (Keshishian, 1994) -- soundtrack Blue Skies
Toy Story (Lasseter, 1995) -- soundtrack You've Got a Friend in Me
Bastard Out of Carolina (Huston, 1996) -- as Wade
Lyle Lovett Going Home (1996) -- as himself
2 Days in the Valley (Herzfeld, 1996) -- soundtrack Nobody Knows Me
Dear God (Marshall, 1996) -- soundtrack Straighten Up and Fly Right
The Kennedy Center Honors (Frook, Lukinson, et al., 1996) -- as himself
68th Academy Awards (Margolis, 1996) -- singing You've Got a Friend from Toy Story
Breast Men (O'Neil, 1997) -- as Research Scientist
The Apostle (Duvall, 1997) -- soundtrack Soldier in the Army of the Lord
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Gilliam, 1998) -- as Road Person
The Opposite of Sex (Roos, 1998) -- as Sheriff Carl Tippett
The Kennedy Center Honors (Horvitz, 1998) -- as himself
Not In Our Name: Dead Man Walking -- the Concert (Ames, 1998) -- as himself
Hope Floats (Whitaker, 1998) -- soundtrack Smile
Roger Miller Remembered (1998) -- as himself
Clay Pigeons (Dobkin, 1998) -- soundtrack Teach Me About Love
Cookie's Fortune (Altman, 1999) -- as Manny Fortune
Where Music Meets Film: Live from Sundance (McNamara, 1999) -- as himself
An All-Star Tribute to Johnny Cash (Horvitz, 1999) -- as himself
Mumford (Kasdan, 1999) -- soundtrack Till it Shines
Stuart Little (Minkoff, 1999) -- soundtrack Walking Tall
For Love of the Game (Raimi, 1999) -- soundtrack Summer Wind
Where the Heart Is (Williams, 2000) -- soundtrack What'd I Say
Dr. T and the Women (Altman, 2000) -- music producer, composer
61* (Crystal, 2001) -- soundtrack Nobody Knows Me
Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie (2001) -- host
Kissing Jessica Stein (Hermann-Wurmfeld, 2001) -- soundtrack Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You
3 Days of Rain (Meredith, 2002) -- as Disc Jockey
Our Country (Goldmann, Melton, et al., 2002) -- as himself
The New Guy (Decter, 2002) -- as Bear Harrison
Live By Request -- Lyle Lovett (Jordan, 2003) -- as himself
Hunter Goes to Hollywood (Ewing & Pearce, 2003) -- as himself
Willie Nelson & Friends: Live & Kickin' (Brien, 2003) -- as himself
Be Here to Love Me: A Film about Townes Van Zandt (Brown, 2004) -- soundtrack composer
Sound Stage Presents -- Lyle Lovett (2005) -- as himself

And Lyle was scheduled to be in Altman's A Prairie Home Companion (due 2006) , but had a concert schedule conflict and couldn't make the filming. I have no other word on what he might be doing next.

He has also appeared, in some cases multiple times, on Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Austin City Limits, Mad About You, Dharma & Greg, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and Sin City Spectacular.

Some notes: First, i've now seen everything he's done in fiction films, and these things come to mind -- none of those characters is Lyle. He's someone different everytime, and none of them is the Lyle i know/knew . . . just for those of you who have asked. Second, the Lyle that's in some of the documentaries is Lyle, at least onstage Lyle. I haven't seen all of those though, and in particular am intrigued by the documentary Going Home.

Next, my favorite film in which Lyle acts is The Player. It's an Altman tour de force. And i like Lyle's performance, it's just not enough of him in there. My two favorite Lyle movies for the sake of Lyle are The Opposite of Sex and Bastard Out of Carolina. My favorite movies in which Lyle has a soundtrack song would be The Apostle, Crying Game, & Toy Story.

Finally, it's been fun tracking his career over the years. I gauge it by three eras -- how he's identified by the kids i work with: A) were the years in which all the kids knew his and Roberts' songs, but especially Lyle's; B) the years in which Robert was better known among the kids, and Lyle was better known among them as "that guy with the hair" or that guy who married Julia Roberts; and C) the current, in which he's known as "isn't he that guy with the flaming marshmallow in his eye". Well, i've done my best to cure that by teaching my kids his music.

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