Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Our Town

Had first rehearsal tonight for Our Town with the Ingram Thespians -- that's a great bunch of kids and wonderful actors. We're way short of rehearsal time for this somewhat difficult piece, but the kids bring a lot to the table -- indeed several already had their lines down tonight -- and i suspect this will be one fine show.

Roy Burney was there -- the first time i've seen him since his "episode" with his gall bladder/pancreas/other gooey internal stuff and i'd have to say he was looking pretty good. He does have some more tests and stuff going on but it appears they've ruled out the ugly C word. But of course no one has pinned anything down. Worse, and this would be Roy's sentiment i think, he had to give up his role as Petruchio in The Point's Taming of the Shrew, the first time in some 40 years of acting he's ever had to quit a role. Will update as they pass on more news.