Friday, November 04, 2005

Jonah Priour

i've been bragging a lot lately about the Ingram theatre kids. here's a note from yesterday's West Kerr Current about Jonah Priour who's gone off to Harvard to continue his career:

Reviews for the play, as well as for Jonah's performance, were stellar. . . "I knew that Cambridge audiences have a reputation for being tough, being in the midst of so many renowned venues for theatre," Priour said. "In the end, I was propelled by a fantastic director and an extremely gifted cast, whose talent and craft were simply remarkable."

"It was because of the history that I carried though -- memories of the genuine artistic brilliance of people like ITM Theatre Director Holly Riedel, the rich learning atmosphere of the Point Theatre, and all my friends and teachers back in the Hill Country -- it was my Ingram values and training that made it even conceivable to step out on the stage opening night."

"I hope, for this reason, that the arts continue to flourish in the area, as they provide such a strong springboard for young individuals with high aspirations. And i hope that all of the people with such diverse and amazing gifts, who continually come out of the Hill Country are perpetualy encouraged, so the world can see that big things really do come from small places."

Jonah was making his debut as a freshman in the first show of the fall season in the lead as Willi Graf in The White Rose.