Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pampell's Spoken Word

I'd been hearing quite a bit about the redesigned/reopened Pampell's Drugstore. That's a turn of the century buidling with an old-fashioned corner drugstore soda fountain. When i moved here in the last millennium it was stil going strong, but foundered soon after. Since then it's been an antique store, almost a Christian kid's hangout, and mostly shuttered. But it's open again with a working fountain -- and it has nightly entertainment. Wednesday nights had been reserved as spoken word nights and that's what i've been told rocked -- especially this kid Conan, who is the one i saw at the Schreiner Coffeehouse last week. So after rehearsal tonight i stopped by expecting some fireworks. Conan was there but said nothing. There was a young lady with a fine voice, and the barkeep who played a tight bass, doing a mostly private little thing on the stage, back to us three audience members. It kind of frittered away after that and i left. Not sure that that's what's been bragged about. I won't be bragging on it until i see something more substantial than that.