Friday, November 04, 2005


one of the great elders, raulrsalinas, was featured at Wednesday night's coffeehouse series at Schreiner University, co-sponsored by Kathleen Hudson's Texas Heritage Music Foundation and Tom Wells' Speaking Truth to Power Series. i backed up Kathleen on siyotanka and dance drum as she read from the works of Leonard Peltier. that's become something of a tradition for us as we annually open up this event dedicated to Native American Heritage Month. the surprise of the evening was guest artist Stephen Bruton, a monster guitarist, who played a few tunes of his own then backed up raul with some jazz inflected acoustic guitar. Bruton produced raul's new CD which is blistering set of words over jazz sax and other tasty instruments from Austin's homegrown best. the CD smokes. also present was Reverend Goat Carson a relocated New Orleans street dude who played a calling song on his harp made of a horse's jaw. as Kathleen would say -- eclectic.