Friday, November 04, 2005

Shake Russell

back when we were in our early playing years one of those guys we followed some was Shake Russell (actually Shake AND Dana Cooper). we hosted him at our coffeehouse in the mid-70s, occasionally opened for him, and liked his stuff. it was good cruising around music. i wouldn't exactly call him an influence or a mentor, because we were headed a different way musically, but hearing him brings back a flood of memories, and all his old stuff is till the most singalongable stuff out there.

so tonight, the Roddy Tree B&B across the river here is hosting a outdoor concert with Shake and Mason Ruffner, and i keep stepping outside for a few minutes to just listen and soak some of that in. he was just doing Deep in the West one of those songs i did for quite a few years. i was just thinking i ought to pick that one up again.