Thursday, November 03, 2005


I managed to get to the last show of Vanities the other night and it was exceptional -- the girls were on fire -- congrats to Lillian Beaudoin, Meggie Nidever, Whitney Wilson (three exceptional talents you'll someday know lots about), Summer White, Suzanne Attridge, Holly Riedel, and Director Marie Cearley for an outstanding senior showcase.

It seems a bit silly for me to sit here and tell you, from guaranteed-podunk, Texas, that we have a dramatic program at the high school here that would be hard to match anywhere else. Even if you knew that, officially, they were in the top 16 programs in their class last year would not render the truth clearly enough. But i want to say, as i said problematically last year, these kids, guided by the exceptional talents of Cearley, Riedel and Roy Burney, are just stunning. Their resumes include blistering productions of Grease, Persephone, The Crucible, Vanities, Macbeth, and Les Miserables -- those shows alone many, many a high school theatre addict would die for. You will see more of these Ingram kids.