Monday, December 12, 2005

Movie Meme Deconstructions

Many regular readers of this blog will know that, for the last week, i've been compiling a list of obscure-but-great movies via reader and blogger nominations. I really thought it had about run its course and so i sent out a thanks email to contributors and others on my email list. Well almost immediately i received about 25 more nominations! Anyway, the compilation is below, but if you'd like an easily printable document that you can keep in the car for trips to Hastings or Blockbuster etc. just drop me an email here and i'll get it right off to you. I'm keeping it constantly updated -- there's now about 170 films there, some of them truly, truly obscure.

P.s. the idea was to generate a list of movies that were first great/outstanding movies, and secondarily that were obscure enough that the average moviegoer (not the average cinephile) would not have heard of. Well, as in any venture this size, we did get a number of films that i not only would have judged not obscure, but there are even a couple of well-known major award winners. But i didn't turn anyone down -- and in any case those movies are well worth seeing if you haven't already. The more intersting thing to me is that in a couple of places the idea morphed into an obscure-first mode, and the quality of film took a backseat, which then further morphed into a bad enough to laugh at mode. There's not many films in that category, but i'd suggest that you might look at some of the descriptive materials on the various sites as part of the educational process. As i said, i didn't turn anyone down, and i'm game to try just about anything myself.

One film that wasn't nominated here, but showed up on a favorite site about the same time, and worth looking at the original site to see what it's about, is Calamari Warrior -- check out Pharyngula here.

Speaking of the movie meme, here's a few intersting stats:
[I'm appending an update here that includes the films added since the initial big publication]

Total films nominated -- 157 (total of these i've seen, embarrassingly -- 19) [229/46]

Number of films with a corresponding IMdB page -- 156 [228]

Number of nominating blogs -- 27 [32]

Number of languages used in these films -- 35 [38]

Another of my continuing best/obscure movie notes: Year-end lists are already floating about – here’s a massive compilation in its early throes. From that i gleaned a list of the top-20 recommended films of the year. Although several are on my list, i have to see a single one on the 2005 list! That’s pitiful. Except that some of these are definitely obscure, several are documentaries which generally don’t play here, some aren’t due for release until today – so i’ll eventually see quite a few. But then they also list the top-20s dating back to 2000, and from that compilation of 100 films i’ve seen only 25. Although, once again, considering the obscurity of many, a quarter of them is not terrible. Most interesting is that a number of the films, 17 to be exact, on the Obscure Movie Meme list are on there, showing once again the good taste of the nominators. And remember those are supposed to be “obscure”.