Friday, March 17, 2006

Gemini Ink Reviewing Class

From Gemini Ink:

Do you love to watch and critique films? Hone your ability to see, think and write about cinema in this two-part class with writer Steven G. Kellman. Besides teaching comparative literature at UTSA, Kellman is a film critic and arts commentator for the San Antonio Current.

Participants will review current releases and share their accounts. Saturday, April 1 and 22, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Gemini Ink. See assignment and registration information here. Kellman will be featured on a panel during next week's European Film Festival at the Bijou Theater.

#15 The Review: Thinking and Writing about Film
In this workshop we will hone our understanding of the art of cinema as we hone our critical prose. “How do I know what I think until I see what I have said?” E. M. Forster famously stated. What do we talk about when we discuss cinema? What is a review? Is raising or lowering thumbs a meaningful response to film? “Criticism,” wrote Pauline Kael, “is exciting just because there is no formula to apply, just because you must use everything you are and everything you know that is criticism is particularly exciting just because of the multiplicity of elements in film art.” This workshop will brave those elements. With a glance at the history and nature of film criticism, participants will review current releases and share their written accounts.

Steven G. Kellman is a film critic and arts commentator for the San Antonio Current, contributing writer to The Texas Observer, and professor of comparative literature at UTSA. His books include Redemption: The Life of Henry Roth, The Translingual Imagination, The Plague: Fiction and Resistance, Loving Reading: Erotics of the Text, and The Self-Begetting Novel. He received the H. L. Mencken Award for his long-running column in the San Antonio Light and was inducted into the Texas Institute of Letters. He served as a director of the National Book Critics Circle and was the founding board president of Gemini Ink.

First Assignment A week before meeting, Gemini Ink will contact students to view and write about a newly released film. Date: Saturday, April 1 and 22, 10 am - 1 pm Location: Gemini Ink, San Antonio, Texas. Registration Deadline: Friday, March 24. CPE Credits: 6 Language Arts (all levels). Fee: $90/member; $100/nonmember.

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