Sunday, December 31, 2006

Introduction to milkriverreviews

This site is under construction. I hope to have this process complete soon. Until then, browse freely, but be aware much is about to change. Thanks for visiting.

This site is an adjunct to my main blog -- milkriverblog. Milkriverreviews will be restricted to my arts reviews -- film, theatre, dance, music and literature -- along with my Biospoilers Project.

All the reviews and commentary on this site are by tony gallucci, unless otherwise noted, and must be cited, along with milkriverreviews, when quoting or borrowing any portion of a review.

I strongly recommend that, before you read my reviews, you take a couple of minutes to read On Film Criticism and My Criticizing Film on my history in film and motivation for reviewing, and about my Movie Pet Peeves.

Clicking on the title in the review will take you to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) page for a film. There is a link at the bottom of the review for the Rotten Tomatoes review page for the film.

Reviews will be posted here in full. As i accumulate them the earlier posts will fade into archive mode but will remain accessible via the linkbar on the left. [Note that in my construction process some links may be nonfunctional.]

If you click a link for a review, use your back button or the logo pic to return to milkriverreviews. Or click on the milkriverblog picture to return to the main site.

The main blog is here -- milkriverblog -- and contains some initial postings of these reviews, plus outside reviews, news on my personal film projects and acting, and other information on the arts, my other interests and opinion.

A secondary blog is hyperintuitive -- which is dedicated to research materials related to some plot tropes in my feature film Diogenes/Dionysus.

And finally, my writing blog, containing some of the seeds of ideas relate to my films is here -- vignettes&vendettas.

Thanks for your patronage,
tony g, milk river music & film